Know More About Casino Luck

There are many who feel that luck plays a big role when it comes to winning or losing in a casino game. Is it right and is there an element of luck involved when one is playing the game? These are some common questions that come to the minds of many new and inexperienced players who are trying to hit the jackpot in these gaming activities. If you ask experienced players who have been playing these games for many years, they certainly will not pay too much importance to luck. Let us try and find the reasons for the same over the next few lines.

Online poker games at the end of the day are all about probabilities. The machines are programmed in that way. Irrespective of the good or bad luck that one might seem to be enjoying or suffering from there is hardly any doubt that they will stand a fair chance to win if they happen to be patient and weight for the average of probability to work in their favor. This is what winning jackpots or even high stakes in casino games is all about. This is something that does not happen overnight but comes with time and experience. This is what experienced casino players will try and master. They will not rue their luck if a few days go blank or if they do not get the desired results. They know that casino luck will smile on them because the law of probabilities and chance is very fast catching up on them.

So at the end of the day the most important point to bear in mind is to keep on trying. However, it is important to bear in mind some important facts. They should know when to move out from the game after having understood that the theory of probability is not working in their favor. Another important point to be borne in mind is to have a clear idea about the reputation and goodwill of the service provider. The payout, the bonuses and perception that customers have towards them are all matters that should always be kept in mind.

The Verflixte dozen roulette strategies

To a somewhat unusual roulette system as the Martingale System For this, no great mathematical skills are necessary, but something with the roulette game should already be familiar with. This is called “Darn dozen roulette strategy” and can import high short-term profits and is at the same time a reference to the Martingale system.

The approach

The roulette game is divided three dozen. Any profit tripled use. At the same time, there are two other dozen, bring a loss. In our example, is set to the dozen 13-24. From a Euro are three euros when the ball in the boiler remains in this range. It would be desirable if every third round would be achieved a profit, it would come to a settlement with the inserts. But there’s zero, the house edge if you will, the boundaries of the series in almost every roulette strategy. The darn dozen wants to rely on permanence, with a need to be clear always that probability theory does not allow for clear predictions.

Experience shows that in a casino only every 18 months, a dozen is 18 times not fallen behind the other. Average satisfies seven experiments to be right.

How it works

For this roulette system again requires an Online Casino that allows turning without using or playing in a live casino online, there it is possible anywhere. Patience is required, because the selected dozen, with us, the middle, has seven times in a row not to be taken before proceeding with the operations. To this end, it is important to follow the game history, which is usually displayed on the left or top right.

If this accident has occurred, you start with an insert on the second dozen. With high probability, it is now expected to fall during the next rotation. The theory is that this should be taken in a dozen 24 of 25 cases now. As I said, pure theory, but a good approach for setting.

The inserts

We start small, with one euro as a bet. If the dozen hit, there are three Euros back as profit. The ball will land in another dozen; the stake will be doubled as the Martingale system. Eight times the selected dozen has not fallen; the theoretical probability rises here to get a hit.

In short! Wait until a dozen seven had no match. Then the set starts and after the Martingale principle, the application must be doubled. An appropriately flexible Table limit is required. This roulette strategy should always be pierced with small stakes in other fields, so that no system can be seen on the casino software. Good luck at the roulette table!

Is it worth a Player Card in casinos?

Recently we received an email with the question of the meaning and nonsense of a player card. We would like to look more closely at this time.

Where do the Player Cards?

Need to explain it in more detail to the time scale back something: Since the 60s trying to find players with high stakes, then put a lot of money at the casino and gambles at best in Las Vegas. There were set Extra people in the mid-80s, so-called VIP hosts. This should filter out this small group of players of mass and treat them accommodating. There was free flights, even private jets were booked and the best suites were partially remodeled for High Roller etc you wanted them well “Seduce” in order to get your best …

Of course, there is this “type” still, but since the early 90s has also the “small players” in mind, he also loses a lot of money and also demanded to be given preferential treatment. But how should the casino that to find out what this “small players” is about? The invention of the magnetic card made it possible – the player card was born!
The Player Card

Those who wished could be free in the casino and then sign up to play “under observation”, not to recognize as for the purpose of combating gambling addiction-but simply as “valuable” is a player. Simply slide the card registered in the slot machines and games, or even give the dealer if you for example at the table. Blackjack or Roulette plays. Because for each set Cent there are points, regardless of whether you’ve won or lost.

The more points you could post to his credit, the better the rewards you could choose. So there was initially blender, iron, gold coins or other bells and whistles. This business turned out to be very rewarding for both sides – the player was delighted with great prizes and courtesies and the casino could (and still can) see exactly which slot machine is interesting and as the movement in the casino runs.

Subdivision of Game Types

Since the end of the 90 different stages were added. So who is a very high type of player receives a higher status, such as for a certain time the frequent flyer program of an airline. Instead of cash prizes, there were now, inter alia, also free hotel stays, limousine rides to and from the airport, free tickets to concerts, etc., etc. So everything that comes a high roller to Good.

The decision brings the advantage

There are alone in Las Vegas around 20 different players clubs. Now, before you opt for a Player Club, you should look closely at the benefits of each club! Compare Accurate is there very helpful. Log on to all and sometimes play here $ 10 and play times $ 20 since not really bring anything! Because it’s much harder to get a better status in different clubs, as the first stage usually brings no real benefit. I personally prefer the MGM Player Club Mlife. I have long been a member, since it remains faithful to a casino so you can get from this even better benefit and your own host, which is for a contact. This can also do via the “normal” program also good times for a.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Player Card


free hotel accommodation (if you actively play)
additional free benefit as tickets, food, etc.
free deals for slot tournaments and poker tournaments


Monitoring of playing
Specifies the address and name

Whether you choose logs and in which Club, each course is up to you.

The Casino Guide Tip

Logs on only one, and plays the partner or friend with the same card, so of course you also get double points quickly. Because it can take up to three cards actively used in a casino at the same time.